We have a diverse and dynamic leadership team comprising both Executives and Non-Executives of different ages and experiences and drawn from very different backgrounds. We expect to add to this team consistent with the needs of the business as we continue to expand.

Paul V. Taylor

Non-Executive Chairman

Paul’s background and experience mainly evolves from the structured debt and equity markets, he is a maverick entrepreneur and businessman from working class root’s with scant formal academic qualifications. Paul started his career with NatWest Bank in the UK where he spent 17 years before being offered an appointment as the CEO for Rotch Property Group owned by the infamous entrepreneurial duo the Tchenguiz brothers. Whilst there Paul helped to grow a highly leveraged real estate portfolio valued at around £4Bn. From there Paul went on to set up his own Real Estate Fund by the name of Three Delta, where again he built a highly leveraged portfolio of £3.5Bn with sole equity backing from the QIA (Qatar Investment Authority). In 2007 Paul masterminded an audacious £15Bn takeover attempt for Sainsburys PLC, acquiring 25% of its shares overnight.

For the last 5 years Mr Taylor has been investing in the Portuguese real estate market, including both residential and hotel projects – notably that of Vilamoura World in partnership with Lone Star Funds (which ranks as one of the largest real estate transactions in the country). Mr Taylor describes himself as a polemicist and iconoclast with a counter intuitive business philosophy deeply rooted in Social Capitalism. Paul Currently resides with his family in both London and the Algarve, Portugal commuting on a weekly basis between both and investing from time to time in both countries.

Greg Stevens

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Greg started his career working within the niche market logistics industry in 1997 as an Operator for a well-known global logistics provider. It was there that he showed an understanding and aptitude for the technical subject of dangerous goods, and managed over time to reach senior management level within the company. In January 2001 industry legislation changed and it was mandatory for any person(s) or entity shipping dangerous goods above the prescribed thresholds to appoint a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor). In April 2001 Greg qualified to become one of the youngest Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors in the world which helped to propel his reputation within the industry globally, amassing interest from large blue chip companies who went on to task him with solving some of the most difficult logistics projects the industry has seen, all of which to date have been successful.

For many years, Greg has been developing and founding the network of companies that are either owned or affiliated to Stevens Group BV and its strategic partners. He has travelled extensively throughout his career around the globe starting new business in developing countries and emerging markets – notably within the continent of Africa for which he has a notable and keen interest in his chosen field. Other Career highlights range from designing and manufacturing a bespoke United Nations tested packaging system range which is now sold worldwide to packing companies, shippers, freight agencies and competitors alike, to the implementation of bespoke shipping systems for some of the world’s biggest organisations in the defence, nuclear and energy sector.

Thomas Stevens

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas begun his career in 2007 within the niche market logistics industry and has held many operationally based positions over the past 12 years at senior management level. Progressing from early roles such as European Commercial Director overseeing significant growth in a short period of time. Thomas has spent the past 5 years of his career focusing on combining his operational and commercial skills to grow and expand the business on an international scale, more recently developing overseas offices and increasing our global reach in the specialist transportation industry. His leadership and technical abilities have given him the tools to successfully maximise efficiencies whilst maintaining the highest levels of compliance throughout the organisation.

Thomas is a qualified DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) whose technical expertise in the dangerous goods transportation field is world class. With experience within a wide range of industries, from Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Defence and Aerospace; his wealth of experience has given him some of the most varied and diverse logistical skills. Thomas has provided consultancy and complex transport solutions to some of the largest companies in the world and is a recognised logistics professional within the dangerous goods community.

Michael Druce

Non-Executive Director

Michael has an extensive background in the logistics industry stretching back over 40 years. After 10 years working for a UK Based International Freight Forwarder he took on a new challenge in the mid 80’s with the renowned Global Express Integrator DHL based initially in London. His career with DHL then took him to China, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa and Nigeria. During the 20 years he spent in Africa he was instrumental in building a strong operational footprint across the continent allowing DHL to deliver market leading service capability to first world standards. He held a number of executive positions with DHL including Country Manager in Nigeria and South Africa, as well as Operations Director for Africa at SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa) Level. After a 28 year career with DHL Michael took on Africa Regional Executive roles with Global Security provider G4S, and latterly United Parcel Service (UPS) before stepping down in 2018. Michael now splits his time between homes in South Africa, the UK and Thailand.

The range of services we provide are as diverse as the industries we supply.